How the We Care Foundation Will Operate on an Ongoing Basis

The We Care Foundation will be carefully managed by Union Bank & Trust managers, and distributions will be made to the applicant after completing the entire application and is approved for the grant based on need.

We Care Foundation works in partnership with many agencies and organizations across Southern Nebraska serving all people in need. The We Care Foundation Board of Directors will screen candidates whose applications have been received as well as direct donations, and will make recommendations on the potential beneficiaries to be selected for gifts from the Foundation. Each beneficiary will be selected based upon a significant and qualified need.

Donate Via Paypal

Donate Via Check

Please address all checks to We Care, and mail to PO Box 21832, Lincoln, Nebraska 68542.

How Benefactors Benefit

Today, there are countless ways for individuals to contribute money to worthy causes and people in need, but the We Care Foundation addresses people with a unique medical assistance need. Beneficiaries of the fund will be people and families who face life-threatening and terminal illnesses.

Assistance offered to beneficiaries represents more than financial support: it represents God’s love to people who need His loving hand during a time of suffering and trial. The foundation will reach out and touch people in a personal way, offering hope, love and compassion. Fund distributions are gifts in which fund donors will participate in a meaningful way: they will be fulfilled knowing their contributions to the foundation will assist people who have a very serious and significant need.

How the Process Works

  1. Candidates to be considered for a fund distribution will make application online or print and mail to We Care at PO Box 21832, Lincoln, NE 68542.
  2. The We Care Foundation Board of Directors will screen applicants and make recommendations on those to be considered for gifts.
  3. Identified/recommended gift recipients will be reviewed and approved by the board based on criteria established by Larry and Brenda.
  4. We do not make donations to providers but directly to the applicants based on need and available funds. Personal correspondence and information about the We Care Foundation will be included with the distribution of funds.