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You can download and fill out the Application Form or apply online below.

By filling out the application form, you are acknowledging you have read and understand the Grant Restrictions and HIPAA guidelines. The completed Health Statement and the Income Documentation listed below are required in addition to the grant application.

With this application, you will need to email or mail the following before your application will be considered complete:

  • Most recent Income Tax Return, or if a Tax Return has not been filed for either the current or last calendar year; then W-2s or
  • Two recent pay stubs showing current income; or
  • Social Security award confirmation letter; or
  • Copy of Medicaid Card, or other Medicaid verification

If your Income Status changes, you must immediately notify the We Care Foundation to determine whether or not you continue to qualify for assistance.

Additionally, you will need to email or mail the Health Statement document. Download and print the Health Statement for your medical team member to complete and sign verifying your current treatment plan. Your submitted application will be processed once the completed Health Statement and require Income documentation has been received.

    Online Application

    I have read and understand the Grant and HIPAA information listed above. *

    I hereby agree that these funds (if approved) can ONLY be used to assist those with life-threatening and devastating illnesses and their families with out-of-pocket medical related TRAVEL expenses. *

    I understand the completed Health Statement and Income Documentation need to be emailed or mailed to the We Care Foundation office to complete my application. *

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    I understand that the We Care Foundation will request only that information needed to process and administer this application. We will not disclose the information obtained except as needed for this purpose or as required by applicable law. I hereby represent, covenant and certify as follows that the information contained in this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. The foundation may revise, change or terminate the grant at any time.

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    By including your name and submitting this Application, you represent that all information is true and correct in all respects and that you will provide any additional information We Care Foundation may at anytime request to verify its truth and accuracy. We Care Foundation may ask at any time for further documentation to support a patient's eligibility, including after any grant has been extended. Any falsification of an application is fraudulent and subject to potential criminal penalties and civil damages.

    Once a determination has been made, you will be notified.

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